How much does the yacht transport to Lavrion cost?

Everyone onboard to discover the beauty of Lavrion in Greece, but how much does the yacht cost?

Thinking of Greece, the mind flies towards fiery sunsets that stand out against the white whiteness of the squared houses. No wonder that many decide to realize this dream by focusing on transporting yachts to Laurio.

The deep blue sea and the history of this ancient Greek civilization, with its myths, its art, its rich literature give a magical taste to every yacht cruise in Greece. Renting a luxury yacht to head for these places, however, means facing costs sometimes even exorbitant: much better by far rely on a yacht transport service to Lavrion so as to experience an intense and charming holiday, without spending too much, taking advantage of the boat already available.


From Lavrion to the Cyclades: a dream path

Thanks to yacht transport in Lavrion you can admire golden beaches, small villages bright with intense colors but also impressive cliffs and mills. Lavrion, enchanting and magical in itself, is the ideal and strategic place from which to start to reach the Cyclades, an archipelago of 220 islands, thirty of which are arranged , according to legend, in a circle.

In these areas, bougainvilleas of all kinds of color dot the coasts of the islands. The route from Lavrion to the Cyclades is short, there are many suggestive itineraries to follow on board your yacht. Lavrion is, in this regard, just the ideal place for excursions on the yacht and to reach other beautiful places in Greece, such as the island of Kea, the exclusive paradise of the Cyclades, perfect destination for those looking for a stop in the name of Relax.

The island is a real panacea for snorkeling enthusiasts because of the magnificent views offered by the seabed that houses several striking wrecks, including the HMHS Britannic, the very famous transatlantic twin of the Titanic. For lovers of nightlife it is impossible not to suggest Paros, one of the most cosmopolitan Cycladic destinations.


Yacht transport in Lavrion: let's round up the numbers

If you intend to reach these dreamy places on board your boat you will certainly be wondering how much the yacht transport costs to Lavrion. Surfing on your yacht the seas that bathe the most beautiful beaches of Greece is priceless, however, in these times, it is better to do a few accounts in your pocket before leaving. Here are some questions we should ask ourselves in order to know how much the yacht transport costs to Lavrion.


Is our boat easy to manage logistically?

The cost of yacht transport to Lavrion certainly depends on the size of the yacht in question. A mega-yatch, as you can easily imagine, requires an investment, in terms of difficulty, of means and human resources, certainly greater than what is required for a simple yacht.


Is the season favorable?

The cost of transporting yachts to Lavrion may also vary depending on the season: certainly the most favorable are spring and summer. In fact, winter reserves to the operators of boat transport service intense winds often accompanied by incessant rains. The sea is often rough. All this, as is easy to imagine, is to create difficulties and / or inconveniences that therefore fall on costs.


Is shipping extremely urgent?

For urgent sea shipments there are highly qualified and specialized companies that run the yacht transport to Lavrion loading the boats on special cargo planes. This is how it is easy to imagine an exceptional transport, which requires costs that are obviously different from those envisaged for the sea transport of a yacht.

The difference in terms of yacht transport costs to Lavrion is influenced by so many factors. It is better to agree first with your own trusted shipping company the costs and modalities of the service.

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