How much does yacht transport in Le Havre cost?

How much is a dive into the waters that bathe a World Heritage Site from your yacht?

UNESCO, on July 15th 2005, has included the city center of Le Havre in the list of World Heritage Sites. It is therefore no wonder that yacht transport in Le Havre has been increasingly in demand in recent years. Some of the oldest sailing ships in the world have crossed the waters that bathe this beautiful city of France, to celebrate the anniversary of the creation of the port of the city of Normandy realized nothing little less than for the will of King Francis I in 1517.

The city is reached every year by thousands and thousands of people who prefer the use of their yacht above all else. The yacht transport in Le Havre is therefore an extraordinary opportunity to do so without having to resort to chartering a third party. Le Havre is located on the right bank of the Seine estuary and is known for its harbor overlooking the English Channel. For the traffic of goods on water, this city ranks second in France, immediately after Marseilles, placing itself in ninth place in Europe as regards the number of containers handled.

It is therefore legitimate to ask oneself, so as to make an estimate of the costs involved before moving one's boat, how much does the yacht transport in Le Havre cost. The answers could be very different because the cost depends on a whole series of variables. Let’s try to understand what they are and how they affect the costs involved.


Yacht: not just any boat

A yacht is not a sailboat, it is not a fishing boat: the differences, as is well understood, are remarkable. It is a precious luxury boat that can reach very considerable dimensions, so the yacht transport cost in Le Havre also depends on the type of boat being handled. Obviously, even the difference between a simple yacht and a mega yacht has its impact on costs.


Accurate integrated logistics service: yes or no?

Yacht transport cost in Le Havre can also vary depending on the integrated logistics service offer. This is a service that relies, in fact, on technological supports able to monitor the goods throughout the journey to its destination and which can also include the transport of containers and special loads and out of shape. The presence of this service also affects yacht transport costs in Le Havre.


Customs assistance: yes or no? 

The costs for yacht transport in Le Havre may also include customs assistance. In all these cases, qualified professionals transport deputies follow the entire import / export customs operation ensuring the processing of all health practices, dangerous goods, etc. This is a very complex job that provides for the issuance of documents, licenses, certificates, visas, legalisations against which, of course, a cost is foreseen.


How much does an adequate cover matter?

When it comes to yacht shipments to Le Havre, it is important to check the conditions in which the yacht is packed. Packaging counts both in terms of integrity and care of the boat. The thickness and quality of the materials chosen guarantee the boat's resistance even in the most hostile weather conditions. Obviously, such protection changes the quality of the service rendered.


Transport to Le Havre and air shipments

Another element of fundamental importance that inevitably affects the costs of transporting yachts in Le Havre is represented by the possibility of carrying out transport by air. There are very few companies that provide air transport, being, for this service, expected to achieve a specific qualification.

It is evident that every company tends to require yacht transport costs in Le Havre adapted to the service rendered. Therefore, the advice is always to be well considered well, if we have two similar rates, all the details of the offer: it is precisely these that make the difference, in fact, between one service and another.

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