Shipping boats in New Zealand

Seven centuries of history to admire on board your boat thanks to shipping your yacht to New Zealand.

New Zealand, land of sea. Land of the thousand attractions easily accessible today thanks to the shipping boats in New Zealand. There are thousands of people who, for business or tourism, decide each year to bring their boats in this fascinating and evocative place. Arousing interest in this country is, in addition to the beauty of the sea, trade. The economy of New Zealand is a modern market economy oriented mainly to the development of the service sector, coming from being mainly agricultural which it was until thirty years ago. Today, it has progressively oriented towards industry and the tertiary sector favored by the policy of openness and deregulation recently adopted by the governors.


Shipping boats in New Zealand ... the economy moves

New Zealand economy certainly revolves around the sea and depends largely on the trade favored by shipping yachts in New Zealand. Vessels of all kind transport goods and products by sea, bypassing land traffic. The first human settlements in New Zealand date back to about seven centuries ago and since then this land of islands of various sizes has been travelled far and wide by inhabitants all over the world. The current century's economy relies on the sea. How could it be otherwise? We are talking about one of the greatest masterpieces that nature has created on Earth.


A tour of the most beautiful beaches in the world

If it seems to us that in Italy there are many beaches, but we have to change our minds in the case of New Zealand. Just ask to ship a yacht to New Zealand and take a nice tour of the coast to realize it. If the kilometers of coastline in our country are 8,300, in these islands are almost double. The coasts are a continuous succession of sandy beaches and cliffs. The sea is made of tides that come and go between the Tasmanian Sea to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east. Among all the beaches here are the most beautiful.


Karekare Beach

This is the most famous beach in the country, entering the history of cinema thanks to Jane Campion's film Piano Lessons is Karekare. It is a beach of black sand, wild and completely intact. Its charm is however at least as great as its danger: in fact, at this point the currents are strong and it is not recommended to swim in the sea. Therefore, if you intend to ship the boats to New Zealand in order to snorkel in this area, you will be better off choosing another beach.


Ninety Mile Beach

This is the most suitable area for those who request to ship ther yachts to New Zealand to practice sports such as surfing, swimming, fishing and descent on the dunes. There are 90 km of beaches made of golden sand, waves, tides and beautiful sunsets. Here's what Ninety Mile Beach is in short. Suggested to everyone, they can find their panacea here to practice their favorite sports on board their boat.


Jackson Bay

We are here towards the southernmost part of the South Island, in a wild area that gently curves forming a natural harbor. Jackson Bay, an isolated fishing village, dotted with small restaurants offering fish, seafood soups, Fish & Chips with an enchanting view of the bay. This is one of the favorite places for those who request the expedition of boats in New Zealand to travel far and wide an enchanting sea, a cutout of lost ocean where everything smells of summer and vacation.


New Zealand is extraordinary, and really deserves to be visited aboard your boat at least once in your life. Obviously, what it takes is a lot of passion for travel, lots of enthusiasm and, last but not least, a company with the necessary experience and resources to manage the transport of our boat in the best way in these areas.  Whether it's a simple and small boat or a mega-yacht, it does not matter. Everything must be performed at best with total control of all the movement phases. What we need is a quality service that allows us to enjoy our well-deserved trip to 360 degrees

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