The cost of boat transport: the 4 main factors that affect a quote


The prices for boat transportation are just one element that should be considered when moving your vessels

Boat transport prices can vary considerably from one operator to the next.

This is an issue that needs no explanation. Yet, what we want to know is - what is the difference between one service and another? What is it that affects boat transport so sharply and significantly? Some elements are clear to see, but there are others, as will become apparent, that are really surprising. Therefore, it’s important to take note. With that in mind, here are a few valuable suggestions.


1. Pay attention to your destination

The authorizations required and the responsibilities of the carrier are crucial when the destination that the boat is being moved to lies outside the EU. That's why it is important that we don't undervalue the real competences of the operator we intend to use. Countries such as Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean are not just around the corner, as is clear to see. That is why it is best, in these cases, to use a boat transport company with a lot of experience. If you need to transport your boat to one of the above-mentioned locations, the companies must be a member of a professional association in order to do so.


2. Full or partial service?

When talking about boat transport, a whole range of services can be included or come as extra, such as: customs clearanceapproval and registration for the vessel. A network of qualified professionals is able to deal with all the paperwork involved, providing a "turnkey" service. Some large boat transport specialists offer other additional services, such as: intermodal transport, storage and distribution.

Another important and additional "all-inclusive" service that stands out - in terms of importance and usefulness - is insurance coverage. This affects the price of boat transport depending on the type of vessel, the destination and the mode of transport concerned.


3. Boat transport prices... are you sure you're getting the best market conditions?

International shipping - by sea and/or air - should also consider the organisation that is involved in addition to the job of the professionals. The latter should be based on the needs and dynamics of the international economy. Within a market such as our own, in which goods and services can be moved easily, quickly and safely, transportation must adapt. Boats and other similar kinds of vessels must be constantly monitored until they get to their intended destination. Today, however, the market offers us useful and modernised tools that allow for boat transport to be done in a more timely manner.
Consequently, market conditions are more favourable and costs, in turn, are easier to lower, with the specific aim of outdoing the competition. The paradigm of "excellent services at low prices" is no longer relegated to a Utopian idea. That is why it is useful to shop around and not choose the first company that you find.


4. Special attention to exceptional vessels...

Boat transport can involve exceptional vessels, that is to say, those which have specific features that fall outside of those generally involved with this kind of service, both in terms of weight and size. This distinctive kind of transport can only be carried out by companies with a special authorisation issued by the prefect and a valid licence issued pursuant to an exam. In some specific cases, namely when the presence of a specialist escort is required, this must be guaranteed. Indeed, today it is the same companies that incorporate this type of escort within their boat transport prices that now - increasingly - replace a police escort. Entrusting a small company or - even worse - one that lacks the necessary licences specified above means you are effectively putting your vessels at risk, as well as the safety of others. For example, think about the risks that arise from transporting large boats that have petrol and corrosive substances inside.

That's why it's important that you do not underestimate the importance of the company you choose to hire to transport your boat. It's better to choose companies that have developed special relationships built on trust with the whole international market. In actual fact, these are the only ones that are able to guarantee a reliable service and offer extremely competitive prices.

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