Yacht and boat transport by air with Cigisped Air Department

Cigisped Air Department transports yachts and boats by air. Provides support services including appraisal and customs clearance assistance

In cases of urgency or specific time requirements expressed by the Client, Cigisped organizes and manages the shipping of boats and yachts through use of special cargo airplanes.

A service that offers itself as a special niche market, exclusive on the international stage.

Cigisped Air Department, accredited as an IATA Agent within the international organization of the majority of world airlines, has been an incorporated company of Cigisped SRL since 2005.

Cigisped Air Department handles the logistical, structural and administrative organization of these delicate international shipping operations.

A guaranteed air shipping service for boats utilizing airline and charter plane.

Cigisped picks up the vessel on land using proper specialized vehicles, transports it to the airport for shipping, and handles all lashing rules to secure the sea craft onto a pallet and then into the cargo hold of the plane. Cigisped also performs a technical appraisal with professional insurance specialists, to offer a standard all-risk Class A insurance policy to compensate for any damage if unforeseen incidents.

The company offers its services as coordinator and intermediary in all phases of air transport, able to meet any type of Client request for any international destination, using a worldwide network of agents spread across the most important sites of interest.

Agents who dedicate themselves to the prompt and efficient handling of all customs clearance operations typical of international shipping. And to set up the correct customs heading, adherence to requirements for payment of applicable duties, and resolution of any complications and inconveniences that may arise during shipping.

As an expert in international shipping, Cigisped Air Department guarantees cross trade service, meaning shipping of a vessel from one foreign country to another, without the involvement of the client's country of operation.


We take care of everything: from handover to the port of destination.
Cigisped means the guarantee of a safe boat shipping!

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