Transport, Storage e Integrated Logistics for containers

Since 1985, Cigisped has offered a complete service for transportation, storage, customs assistance and integrated logistics for containers

Since 1985, Cigisped has offered its clients a vast range of services to meet any need in integrated logistics. The company is a presence on the international stage, guaranteeing worldwide coverage through its offices in Asia, the Middle East, and the USA. It also has a well-articulated commercial and operations structure, supported by exclusive agents and partners, after decades of cooperation.

The offices and agents spread throughout the major world ports offer the utmost in reliability and flexibility of service, resolving local problems connected to the movement of goods on foreign and Italian territory, storage in local warehouses, the most suitable packaging of the goods for transport by sea, air or land. They also offer local customs help, guaranteeing high levels of reliability and flexibility and assuring the Client of respect for deadlines and handling the pickup of goods from the supplier or warehouse, loading onto the first available ship departing from the port, and arrival at the destination in the shortest time possible offered by the nautical company.

The Integrated Logistics department of Cigisped, using the co-operation of the Group, monitors the shipments by sea, land or air, communicating the position of the goods in real-time to the Client.

The goal of Cigisped Integrated Logistics is to guarantee the greatest cost management, offering itself as an active partner in the shipping of the Client's goods.

Our group can ship material in FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less than Container Load) containers, special cargo with Flat Rack/Platform/Open Top containers and Reefer containers for goods that need a stabilized storage temperature, IMO containers for dangerous goods. For exceptional cargo RORO (roll-on/roll-off) or BB (Break Bulk) ships may be used.


We take care of everything: from handover to the port of destination.
Cigisped means the guarantee of a safe boat shipping!

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