What are the advantages of air freight transport?

Air freight transport is constantly expanding. With Cigisped Air Freight you will discover its merits and convenience.

Air freight transport is constantly expanding for several reasons. In addition to being convenient for all operators, there is a common underlying economic objective that binds those transporting and those engaged in the production and distribution of goods: they reduce costs and increase the profit margin from each sale.

Despite being in competition with the traditional transport by sea and by land, by road or by rail, the plane is highly appreciated for the speed of yield that allows, especially for some categories of foodstuffs such as food, plants and live animals, to move from one continent to another in a short space of time.

Cigisped Air Freight was also founded to support the already known land and sea transport services offered Cigisped SRL even the fastest air route.


On which aircraft should you board your goods?

There are various types of aircraft, from small pipers mostly used for passenger transport to all-cargo ones: large commercial aircraft essentially empty and suitable for freight transport only.

In fact, inside the cargo planes, in place of the seats, there are some platforms, connected to load stabilization systems. The platforms allow an agile loading and unloading of goods, often placed on pallets capable of handling tons of goods, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Cigisped Air Freight, based on the routes served and the characteristics of the goods, chooses the type of aircraft best suited to obtain the best result with the highest yield.


How can we reduce the costs of shipping by air?

All users of shipping services know well that the forwarding of the same package by air and by sea has substantial differences in the time of surrender and costs, on these two variables is based on the choice of one mode instead of the other.

To facilitate its Cigisped Customers Air Freight studies the optimization of the packaging to make sure that the dimensions of a package respect the maximum guarantee of safety in transport and, as far as possible, do not affect the final fare (trying to minimize the incidence of volume compared to gross weight).

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