Insurance coverage for yachts and boats transport

Cigisped offers insurance coverage for the transportation of boats and yachts, from departure operations to arrival at the destination

From the start of departure operations to arrive at the destination, Cigisped offers insurance coverage for the transport of the yacht.

The company avails itself of close collaboration with insurance professionals and field expert technical support, to offer the Client focused help and the most satisfactory package possible.

After a professional appraisal and consultation with trusted insurance brokers, Cigisped will put together a standard all-risk Class A coverage policy for the boat, covering all types of damage.

Cigisped ensures professionalism, competence and fast resolution of all questions.

This service can be considered an absolute advantage of the company, dedicated to the goal of complete client satisfaction.

Cigisped staff will work to find the insurable risks and best interests of the client, adhering to all contractual and bureaucratic obligations and offering constant consultancy for all aspects of the analysis. The Client is thus guaranteed high levels of financial security and the practical handling of possible incidents.

The company ensures fast solutions to unforeseen incidents, with updated and customized policies ready according to the needs of the client and the regulations now in force.

The policies compensate for damages incurred to the boat or yacht accepted for transportation, including during the loading and unloading phases: fire damage, explosions or blasts, theft or acts of piracy, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, lightning strikes or other natural disasters; acts of destruction and vandalism, theft of the vessel, theft of parts or equipment, latent defects, wrong or defective execution of repair work or change of the insured unit, costs and compensation for help following an insured event that requires its implementation refundable under the policy; and the general risks inherent to seafaring.


We take care of everything: from handover to the port of destination.
Cigisped means the guarantee of a safe boat shipping!

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