Boat appraisal and supervision of yacht departure

Cigisped offers boat appraisal and technical work. Offers oversight of operations and supervision at yacht departure

Once the yacht or boat reaches its destination, dedicated nautical experts will check the vessel and its condition.
The inspection will be carried out by expert and reliable partners, their skills developed over years of work experience in the area.
All in line with the Cigisped philosophy, which ensures a precise and well-tested method, essential in a delicate operation like boat appraisal. An appraisal accompanied by the constant consultancy of workshops, authorities and insurance companies, in case inconveniences and unforeseen incidents occur.

The appraisal follows all the transit operations of the yacht before departure. A person on site will be in charge of handling any issues with the central company office.
Cigisped offers a high-quality operation surveillance system at the Client's full disposal.
An added value contributing to the total and well-monitored completion of the operations.

The yacht will be inspected by Cigisped partners registered as professional appraisers, who guarantee experience and professionalism. The appraisal is carried out based on need and can be done on new or used boats. Value appraisal of the yacht is also available.

These first two categories of appraisal belong to the wider group of technical inspections, for ascertaining the current quality and condition of the boat from a technical standpoint with documentation of its particular characteristics, as well as on the commercial level with an economic evaluation following strict methodological criteria.

In case a complaint is registered or the yacht is damaged, the second macro-category of boat appraisals comes into play, that dealing with accidents and incidents. This category has all appraisals dedicated to ascertaining responsibility, verification of the event and the nature of the damage sustained. Damage appraisals and legal appraisals quantify the damage sustained by the vessel in economic terms.

Upon completion of departure proceedings, the appraiser will draw up the yacht appraisal, correlated with photographic documentation, in hard copy and digital format to be delivered to all interested parties.


We take care of everything: from handover to the port of destination.
Cigisped means the guarantee of a safe boat shipping!

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