Cigisped specializes in the transport of boats by sea

Cigisped handles the transportation of boats and yachts by sea. Offering nautical appraisal, thermoplastic covering and insurance services

Working to meet the most diverse needs of its Clients, Cigisped brings skill and years of experience in every phase of transport of boats and yachts.

Starting from the original acceptance for delivery of the boat by trusted staff, Cigisped will undertake, where necessary, the transport of the yacht with temporary licenses, from the point of departure to loading onto the ship, ensuring a safe and fast operation in which the safety of the boat is a top priority.
Then the yacht, or boat, will be prepared for the trip.
A right and professional technical appraisal and thermoplastic covering (among the best on the market) are indispensable steps for the safety of the yacht.

Cigisped will check, together with the Client and its trusted collaborators, which type of sea transport to use, ensuring the best organization and functionality for the boat, keeping timing and costs in mind and aiming to reach the highest level of quality possible.

The Company additionally provides insurance services in collaboration with partner brokers in the sector, offering standard all-risk Class A policies covering any eventual damages to the yacht.

Cigisped will select the shipping line best suited to transportation of the boat accepted for delivery, opting for LOLO ships (lift-on/lift-off), Geared vessels (equipped with machinery for loading and unloading) or "self-sinking" ships dedicated only to yacht transport using a "FLO/FLO" loading system (float-on float-off).

Cigisped guarantees efficient help to the Client, working in close contact with its agents in the main international ports around the world. The last act is the delivery of the boat in the best conditions possible, evaluating the various earlier appraisals and comparing photographic documentation.

In foreign ports of arrival or departure or in cross trade operations (transportation between two foreign destinations), Cigisped agents on site will handle all standard and unforeseen circumstances, interfacing with local structures, both legal and institutional, typical of extra-European contexts. Our agents will handle all the logistical and administrative stages and the organization of all necessary documentation for transportation and landfall of the yacht.


We take care of everything: from handover to the port of destination.
Cigisped means the guarantee of a safe boat shipping!

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