Cigisped yacht and boat transport and shipping by air

Cigisped Air Freight handles boat and yacht transport by air with technical appraisal, thermoplastic packaging and assistance with customs clearance

The transport of yachts is one of Cigisped's strong points and, to keep up its high reputation in the group, its air shipping freight is also focused on this particular market niche.

Cigisped Air Freight guarantees the shipping of boats and yachts by air using both commercial airliners and charter services. The use of a third-party carrier for air transport is determined by the greatest dimensions of the yacht.

Making use of expert technicians, Cigisped Air Freight determines the best method for transporting boats and yachts, providing custom shipping cradles to load them onto the plane where even a few centimeters can make the difference for the ability to carry out a shipment.

Once the boat to be shipped is picked up, it is examined and measured to make sure that the data communicated to the booking office conforms to the requirements of the company.

If necessary, a "lowered" shipping cradle is constructed, that is a support designed by the technical freight to keep the boat balanced and secure, but with characteristics that take into account the greatest height of the aircraft's cargo loading doors. Whatever the request, Cigisped Air Freight also protects the yacht with a thermoplastic covering.

Once the boat is prepared, it is delivered to the air cargo warehouse where, using a balanced crane, the boat is unloaded and placed on an aerial work platform to be lashed and anchored.

All these steps are supervised by an expert who intervenes in case of necessity and, at the end of the operation, provides a photographic report in hard copy and digital format.

The same services are provided during landing at the destination airport. After the fulfillment of customs formalities, Cigisped Air Freight or its local agent picks up the boat to complete door-to-door service according to the needs of the Client.


We take care of everything: from handover to the port of destination.
Cigisped means the guarantee of a safe boat shipping!

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