Project Cargo Services: industrial plant transportation

Cigisped offers complete project cargo services for the relocation of an industrial plant. Offers logistical assistance, packaging, and document inspection

Cigisped manages all stages of the transportation of any type of industrial plant, working along the Client, planning, organizing and remaining in close contact with all involved parties.

During the first phase of analysis of the order to be shipped, specialized staff will verify the feasibility of the project and find the fastest, most reliable and most cheap route - Break Bulk Services - RO/RO and maritime and air charter.

The Italian team and the team abroad support the shipping phase with direct on-site logistical help. The movement of material is undertaken via special transport systems, including the total or partial rental of ships and/or plane. The foreign offices guarantee expertise in resolving any difficulties in the origin countries of the shipments, which often show significant infrastructural deficiencies and strict documentation and customs-related bureaucracy.


  • Dedicated project team
  • On-site analysis and inspection of cargo (including abroad)
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Loading dock
  • Packaging
  • Door-to-door project
  • Multi-mode services
  • Extraordinary transport with an escort
  • Expert help at the port of departure and arrival
  • Special equipment (flat rack rental, open top, platform)
  • Rental negotiations with authorized carriers
  • Follow-up and customer service
  • Insurance coverage

Project Cargo transportation is entrusted to companies with ability in the area like Cigisped, who confronts the significant organizational and management complexities of the operation with the professionalism, skill and decades of experience, proposing solutions that make sure a positive outcome for the shipment.

Along with packaging, transportation, and delivery, Cigisped offers an inspection service when requested, including appraisals and reports with photo documentation from every stage of the process, to guarantee that proper protocol is followed and to avoid any disputes.

Cigisped handles insurance coverage if requested, from loading to delivery.


We take care of everything: from handover to the port of destination.
Cigisped means the guarantee of a safe boat shipping!

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