Cigisped offers cross trade for shipping by air

Cigisped handles the transportation and shipping of goods by air. The company is experienced in the handling of cross trade for dangerous goods

The global marketplace is evolving and always needs flexible services to guarantee shipping from one foreign country to another (cross trade). To face the rapid growth of the volume of international exchanges, Cigisped Air Freight's staff has specialized in the cross trade or the movement of goods that do not pass through the company's country of operations.

The skills needed for the successful realization of a shipment include a close and trustworthy network of foreign partners, the result of years of hard work.

Cigisped Air Freight has developed professional relationships based on trust and reciprocity in most countries of the world.

The number and capacity of agents stationed abroad represent a significant body of experience and a strong point for current clients, as well as a greater contractual capacity for prospective ones.

Continuous communication, updates on the customs rules of every country, the status of the shipment and the preparation of future jobs contribute to the success of every shipment.

The group has recently joined the WCA circuit, the most important worldwide network of independent shipping companies, facilitating the search for partners in even the most remote countries and improving knowledge of different contexts and situations.

Thanks to this, Cigisped Air Freight handles the most delicate shipments: along with the traditional routes, also those to more sensitive destinations, including:


We take care of everything: from handover to the port of destination.
Cigisped means the guarantee of a safe boat shipping!

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