Operations assistance for arrival and delivery at the port

Cigisped handles arrival operations and the delivery of the yacht at the destination port. Offers complete international customs assistance

Cigisped operates in the field of del boat transport in countries including Australia, Canada, the United States, the Philippines, China, the United Arab Emirates and all other major international destinations. A network of specialized agents spread throughout international ports of destination will follow the sensitive operations of arrival and retrieval of the vessel step by step.
Every type of service that Cigisped offers within the national borders are guaranteed on a worldwide level with coordinated operations in the stages after the arrival of the boat, in line with the contextual and cultural characteristics of the region.

About customs help, such as Cigisped agents will handle the structural complications arising from systemic differences in current legislation, to avoid unfortunate consequences of an economic and situational nature. Effective customs help, considering the varying specifics of each country, is relevant for the management and successful completion of the yacht transport operation.

Some laws can vary within a single territory, such as in China between Shanghai and the special administrative region of Hong Kong. The Chinese example is in fact among the most complicated for administrative matters, authorizations, and insurance. In the case of insurance coverage at the moment of arrival, Singapore is more demanding than other ports. Another example of how differences in requisites, authorizations, and licenses make the Asian panorama one of the most intricate and elaborate.

Asia, yet, is not the only region that presents complications. Australia and New Zealand are another examples of structural differences: in the question of fumigation, or of specific certifications that need the presence of agents to coordinate the stages of shipping and arrival, to avoid negligence, confusion, fines and general unfortunate consequences.

Aside from customs help, Cigisped agents maintain contact with the company of reference, handle the various technicalities of transport or handling of the boat, check each stage of shipping and compile detailed reference documentation.

Cigisped agents form a network destined to expand and grow, to make sure the greatest coverage and help for our Clients.


We take care of everything: from handover to the port of destination.
Cigisped means the guarantee of a safe boat shipping!

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