LOLO ship rentals specialized for yacht transport

Transportation of yachts and boats of any size through the use of equipped LOLO ships or semi-submersible FLO/FLO ships

Cigisped staff, tasked with the intake of the vessel, will bring the boat or yacht to the destination port where departure will take place. After a preliminary nautical technical appraisal, the yacht will be completely ready for the voyage.

Shipping companies selected according to criteria of efficiency, guarantees, and reliability, will undertake the sea transport of the boat, prioritizing nonstop routes. In case the dimensions of the yacht need it, use of (LOLO ships will be guaranteed. Or Geared vessels, a type of merchant ship equipped with machinery for loading and unloading, including cranes able to lift and move goods and materials with a vertical and horizontal mode of loading and unloading.

Generally, the cranes are placed on the ground in the port's cargo bay. For this reason, LOLO merchant ships dedicated to container transport are essential, for their logistical capacity in operating in ports that have the necessary equipment for managing cargo.

LOLO ships are distinguished from RORO ships (roll-on/roll-off) by the method of organizing the containers. In these latter two types of boats, the goods are loaded and unloaded using a rotation system in the cargo hold.

Another means of transport, in this case only, is the "self-sinking" ship. This type of yacht makes it possible to load and unload a yacht using the FLO/FLO method(float-on float-off) Through the partial opening of its cargo hold, the self-sinking ship allows for the autonomous movement of the yacht onto the boat before being set up out of the water on board. The ship, once all the necessary operations are completed and the yacht is secured and stabilized, will release its ballast emptying its tanks, re-emerging to the surface.

Cigisped guarantees the sea transport of yachts of every class, luxury yachts, super-yachts, large yachts and mega yachts.


We take care of everything: from handover to the port of destination.
Cigisped means the guarantee of a safe boat shipping!

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