Cigisped specializes in the transport of boats by land

Cigisped offers overland boat and yacht shipping, using carriers equipped with specialized systems for the transport of extraordinary cargo

Aside from transport by sea, when the client's request does not allow for a long transit time or in the absence of maritime services equipped to handle the important cargo in question, Cigisped offers overland transport by way of carriers equipped with specialized systems for the transport of boats and yachts.

The company plans and carries out overland shipments to all European destinations, guaranteeing support, security, and the ability for every type or model of boat, not only from main ports but from any maritime place. Overland yacht shipping is carried out by the laws and traffic regulations governing extraordinary transport. This detailed legislation has undergone various modifications over the years by the MIT, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation.

Currently, it is regulated by Article 10 of the Highway Code, which makes a primary distinction between an exceptional vehicle and transportation under exceptional conditions. For both, a specific authorization from the owner of the road is required for the operation.

Articles 61 and 62 govern exceptional vehicles, which are considered such on the basis of large configurations, specific operational requirements, and dimensional limits including length, width, height, and weight. In case of a cargo that does not exceed the dimensional limits of its class, transport can be undertaken with normal vehicles.

Transportation under exceptional conditions is more complicated. This means a cargo that exceeds the limits set out in Articles 61 and 62, which might include so-called "indivisible" cargo that cannot be reduced in size or weight without incurring damage or compromising the safety of the shipment.

The current legislation sets out limits for the size and weight of an extraordinary transport as a length of 34 meters, a width of 4.60 meters and a height of 5.10 meters (5 meters with lowered undercarriage). All with a total weight not to exceed 114.53 tons.


We take care of everything: from handover to the port of destination.
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