Thermoplastic covering for yachts and boats

Cigisped offers thermoplastic coverings for boats and yachts. Offers waterproof shrink-wrapping for protection of the vessel

To guarantee the effective and functional protection of the yacht, Cigisped provides a thermoplastic covering service through industry-leading partner companies.

Thermoplastic covering is revolutionary for the storage and transport of every type of boat. An avant-garde service synonymous with know-how developed over many years and always in line with the most diverse needs of every Client.
The Client may choose a complete or partial covering of the yacht according to their needs and budget.

The use of thermoplastic covering, realized with a precise attention to detail in selection of material, reduces packaging time and guarantees quality, cost reduction and effective preservation of the boat. These coverings are realized in the shortest time possible and are among the most affordable, innovative and high-quality on the market, presenting the other advantage of conforming exactly to the shape of the yacht.

For the realization of shrink-wrapped coverings only the very highest quality materials are used, selected after many years of experience and research, thanks also to a constant collaboration with companies dedicated to the production of plastic materials.

The shrink-wrapped packaging is completely waterproof and will protect against all possible damage related to inclement weather and dangerous meteorological conditions that may be met during transport. The thickness of the material ensures the protection of the yacht even in the most hostile climate conditions. The thermoplastic coverings will also have no repercussions on the quality maintenance or cleanliness of the yacht

To improve the packaging's efficiency, 240-micron heat-shrink tubing nets resistant to UV rays for up to 12 months, themselves the result of many years of technical experimentation, will be placed under the covering. Immunity to ultraviolet radiation will thus be guaranteed, nullifying the possibility of sun damage even in cases of very long distances traveled.


We take care of everything: from handover to the port of destination.
Cigisped means the guarantee of a safe boat shipping!

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