“Know how” to enjoy your holidays in an Earthly Paradise, thanks to shipping of your boat to the British Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands’ archipelago, is for sure, the earthly paradise more appreciated by the holiday makers, all around the globe. For this reason, shipping a boat to this location represents a challenging project, although nowadays it is possible to arrange it without problems thanks to the service handled by specialists in this field. What makes of this destination a special place is easy to understand: Islands location, Beauty of landscapes, Numerous coves and bays, The elevate number of infrastructures for recreation purposes Touristic ports. These are few of the many elements that make this place, a not to be missed place to visit, which is becoming a highly selected visited location in the recent years.


An Earthly paradise to live

Shipping your boat to the British Virgin Islands allows you to spend a holiday with your yacht or your watercraft, which is surely the best you could possibly achieve. The archipelago’s area measures 150 square kilometers and it consists of three main isles: Tortola, Anegada, Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke, in addition to these, it can be counted approx. 50 minor little isles. This allows visitors to wish all the want and even more.
From January to April, during the dry season, which is notoriously the best period for cruising, temperature is really mild, accompanied by trade wind. The beautiful Tortola’s beaches help forgetting about the cold European winters; Long bay with its white sand as well as Apple Bay exceptionally dedicated to Surfing activities thanks to the major waves, make of these locations the most privileged choice to make, for those ones whom love the sea.

For this reason and many others, people choose to deliver their own boats to these sites, so that to bliss themselves with sightseen, crystal water on board of their own properties. The calm sea, white sand and tropical climate create a relaxing environment for an unforgettable holiday. Therefore, shipping your boat to this location allows you to live your dream holiday, it is an exclusive privilege of few, whom can benefit of this service. In fact not any shipping companies can grant this service.


No stress Shipping your boat to British Virgin Island

In order to proceed with this operation in an easy way and without problems, it is important to look at security in the first place, allowing so to proceed with no stress. It is pointless thinking about holidays in dreaming place like this, starting with problems. It is quite important therefore rely on a competent company of services, highly qualified, that it is going to deal with this properly from the beginning. The service company has to act in order ease the process and deliver a proper service without problems and delay avoiding so, operational issues that can happen when we are talking about such a long journey.

It is therefore advisable to choose a company that deals with global shipments rather than European or International destination s only, which has also different representative offices abroad, so that the network will be able to assist the shipment also during the sailing period to final destination.

Summer is coming, take advantage of this opportunity, think about the situation of being a superb location where everyone dreams to go, on board of your boat, and we can help you realizing all this.

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